C6 overstrikes  

Overstrikes of coins with new stamps appears on a number of Tranquebar coins.   Among the lead coins some of Christian 4. and Frederik 3 coins are overstrikes. Among the copper coins from Trankebar the most known overstrike is Christian 5. copper kas KM 117 with a blank reverse, which is often strike on a Frederik 3 copper kas KM 118.. 

During Christian 6.time, there are some overstrikes.   The following is the most interesting overstrikes from Christian 6.


Christian 6. 4 kas . 

Christian 6. 4 kas, KM 138, overstrike on a Raja Raja Chola coin
Christian 6. 4 cash on a Chola coin is no news.   It is mentioned in Villiam Nielsen's article in the Numismatic Association's Membership 1929.   Here he writes: "I have one of Christian 6 coins, a 4 kas that has been strike on one of the regular Raja Raja coins, of which there are so many still that you can buy them in handful for few penny.  



              Christian 6. 4 kas, KM 138, overstrike on Raja Raja Chola coins



Christian 6. 1 cash 1731 with Norwegian lion on Dutch-Indian Nagapatam kas. 

A coin that often appears as overstrike on another coin is Chr.6. 1731, KM 130 with a Norwegian lion on the reverse. The coin appears to be strike with the stamps of the Silver Fano from 1731, KM 140.

   KM 130   C6 1 kas 1731 copper                  KM 140   C6 1 royalin 1731  silver

In some of the coins it is possible to identify the underlying coin.   It is often a Dutch-Indian copper kas from Nagapatam .   Nagapatam is a former Dutch colony, which lies approximately   40 km south of Trankebar.   Cobber kas from Nagapatam , like Chola coins, are still common in Trankebar. 



Nagapatam kas             KM 130 on a Nagapatam kas


The 1731 kas KM 130 also differs in weight from other coins from Chr.6. Weights of a limited number of Chr.6. coins have given the following result: 
4 kas KM 138,1                     3.20 g 
2 kas KM 136                       1.67 g 
1 kas UBJ 221 + 222           0.80 g 

Here there is a good match between weight and nominal value. The average weight of 1 kas I 0,80 g. Copper kas 1731 weighs on an average of 6 pieces is  1.18 g. and it is far from the 0,80 g from other C6 kas.   On the other hand, the weight of copper kas 1731 fit with the weight of Nagapatam copper kas. An average of three pieces. is 1.21 g 
The explanation could be that there have been a shortage of kas coins and copper in Tranquebar. Nagapatam

copper kas have been available. They have been overstrike with the stamp from Silver Fano from 1731, KM 140. These stamps have been lying idle because the Naik of Tanjore did not allow the striking of silver coins.