Stamp Cracks.


Stamp cracks are quite common on coins from Trankebar. In the series from Frederik 3rd. with motives from Provincial Coats of Arms,

there are three obverses with carakteristic stamp craks. It is cracks pointing upwards from the F in F 3 on KM 67 Fish A, KM 73 Lam b

and KM 81 Lion E. These clear stamp cracks helped to show that these three coins have the same obverse.


KM 67, Fish A KM 73, Lamb b KM 81, Lion E


On the following photo you can see the development of a Stamp crack on KM 19 AALBORG.

If you see many coins you can sometimes see the development of stamp cracks. The tree photo of the reverse of KM 19 AALBORG shows this.

On the first photo there is a small crack from L down to G. The coin is not cleaned so the crack is not as clear on the photo as in reality.

On the next photo the crack is distinct. On the last photo the crack is so big and powerful that it is damaging the coin.


KM 19, AALBORG Development of crack from L down to G



KM 19, obverse: development of crack between NIS


On C7 1 royalin KM 168 the same stamp cracks can be seen on the obverse of some of royalines with the years 1770 to 1779. These royalines have the same obverse. Royalines with the years 1770 1779 are also found without stamp Cracks.



KM 178: 1770 1774 1779