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Mirrored Frederik IV. 1 kas.



Frederik IV's 1 kas from Tranquebar KM 124 is among the most common Tranquebar coins. 

There are many variants of Frederik IV's 1 kas coin (KM No. 124), so many that it is confusing.  So far, I  have found 20 different stamp variants. One of these stands out.  It is a coin where DOC on the backside is mirrored

Variants of coins from Trankebar with mirrored numbers and letters are not uncommon. It is seen on lead coins from Christian IV and Christian V. and on 4 kas copper coins from Christian VI, Christian VII and Frederik VI.

Finally the 4 kas coins from Christian VII. and Frederik VI. where F4 are written as VI instead of IV are also considered coins with mirrored writing.

The many mirrored numbers and letters on Tranquebar coins are probably due to the fact that the Indian stamp cutters have not been completely familiar with the European figures and letters.