Elephant from National Coat of Arms



Many of Frederik III's lead coins from Tranquebar have on their reverse motifs from the Provincial Coats of Arms.

One can imagine that the mint master who made the coins in Tranquebar has had one of Christian IV or Frederik III.'s big silver coins with provincial coats of arms, as inspiration for these coins.

It is a “speciedaler”, a Danish dollar. It has 11 Provincial Coats of Arms  in  circle on the reverse. Beneath the circle is an elephant from the Danish Elephant Order.

.John C. E. states that the elephant on this coin may be an Indian symbol or it may represent the Danish Elephant Order.

On a fine-quality coin, it appeared after cleansing, clearly a cross on the back of the elephant-

ten (see photo). A cross like the cross on the elephant's back on the Danish Elephant Order.

Therefore I am sure that the elephant on the reverse of Frederik III's lead coin, KM 79 is inspired by the Elephant Order. The Elephant Order is often shown together with National and Provincial Coat of Arms on the reverse of large silver coins from Christian IV and Frederik III.



      79 elefant (4)  79                 C4 specie

KM 79  Elephant with cros on the side                                 Order of Elephant                                           Speciedaler



The elephant on KM 79 has a cross on the side like the elephant from the Order of Elephant. The elephant from the Order of Elephant is seen on the speciedaler below the circle of all the Provincial Coats of Arms