Coins with inclined, inverted or incorrect years.


The coins from Trankebar have been produced under primitive conditions and it has given a lot of errors and many variants. Therefore, new variants still appear, and it makes the coins from Trankebar so exciting. Variants are often rare and very expensive. On an auction I Copenhagen in November 2001 a 1 Royalin 1772, where 2 in the year was inverted was sold for 2.500 dollars.

.A new version of a C7 1 Royalin is a C 7 1 Royalin 1773, where 3 in the year incline approx. 45 degrees. 

Another variant of C 7 1 Royalin is a coin with the year 3781. The first figure in the year 1781 has become a tree instead of a one. The reason may be that the stamps of a C 7 1 royal 1781 should have been changed to 1783. By mistake, the punch with the 3 has been put so that it replaces the first number and not the last one, so the year is 3781 and not 1783.. 



                 Inverted 2                                      Inclined 3                                  1 Royalin 3781


 Stamp Variants

Stamp variants appear on many coins from Trankebar. The coin in which I have found the most stamp variants is F 4 1 kas copper, KM 124. I have identified 20 stamp variants of KM 124. The reason for the many variants is probably that this coin has been made in very large number.


A coin with two variants is KM 155, C 7, 4 kas 1782. Here is a variant with the 8 in 1782 written as S. Another variant has the 2 in 1782 written as J.



    8 in 1782 has become a S                                          S in KAS and CAS inverted



Normally 4 kas is written IV kas. On tree 4 kas coins fron C7, KM 157 with the years 1797, 1799 and 1800, 4 kas is written VI meaning 6 kas. A F6 4 kas 1824, KM 160 has the same error.



KM 157, C7 4 kas 1799                                                 KM 160  F6. 4 kas 1824


There are stamp variants for many coins from Trankebar. There are so many that it could be an independent area of collection.